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Dual Machine Corporation is a major supplier to the shipbuilding industry. Our Klincher Locknuts and other precision parts are provided to the world’s major ship builders and boat builders every day. Our world-renowned Klincher Locknut, patented in 1943, has been a key component used in the manufacturing of military ships, cruise ships, oceanliners, freighters, yachts, and all types of large vessels, in any applications involving high temperature, high vibration and/or high stress for many decades. Nearly every major shipbuilder uses locknuts, as well as many other precision products like we manufacture. The Klincher Locknut is a well-known and recognized brand throughout the shipbuilding industry, including the U.S. Military. Our Klincher Kapscrews have also been used in a diverse range of high vibration applications when a heavy-duty self-locking cap screw is needed. Learn More about our Klincher Locknuts for the Shipbuilding Industry!

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Dual Machine Corporation also provides a wide range of CNC and screw machine parts for the shipbuilding and boat building industries that demand precision and reliability. Dual Machine Corp. is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Certified company making critical components for some of the most demanding applications in the world. From the complex to the most basic parts, Dual Machine can meet your machining needs, as well as your deadlines and budgets. Learn More about our Machining Services!

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