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The Klincher Locknuts are unique, but there are many self-locking fastener products that attempt to do what they do. Self-locking fasteners go by many names, including part names and brand names, BUT NONE OF THEM ARE LIKE THE VARIOUS VERSIONS OF THE KLINCHER LOCKNUT! Some names and brands include:

  • Lock Nuts / Lock-Nuts / Locknuts
  • Locking Nuts
  • Self-Locking Nuts
  • High Torque Lock Nuts
  • Reusable Lock Nuts
  • Prevailing Torque Nuts
  • Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts
  • Stiff Nuts
  • Elastic Stop Nuts
  • Castellated Nuts
  • Distorted Thread Lock Nuts
    • Centerlock Nuts
    • Elliptical Offset Lock Nuts
    • Toplock Nuts
    • Philidas Nuts
  • Interfering Thread Nuts
    • Tapered Thread Nuts
  • Jam Nuts
  • Jet Nuts / K-Nuts
  • Keps Nuts / K-Nuts / Washer Nuts with a Free-Spinning Washer
    • In the Lock Nut form, this is a Star-Type Lock Washer.
  • Plate Nuts
  • Polymer Insert Nuts / Nyloc Nuts
  • Security Lock Nuts
  • All Steel Reusable Nuts
  • Serrated Face Nuts
  • Serrated Flange Nuts
  • Speed Nuts / Sheet Metal Nuts / Tinnerman Nuts
  • Split Beam Nuts
  • Palnuts
  • Locknut Technology Nuts / FLEXTOP® Locknuts
  • Cleveloc Nuts
  • And more… See the following links for more info:

Regardless of the multitude of lock nut type fasteners, nothing on the market is like the Klincher Locknut, which is why demanding industries have continued to use it since its introduction in 1943. When high vibration, tensile strength, corrosion, stress and temperature are factors, companies rely on Klincher Locknuts. The Klincher Locknut’s unique design, even distribution of stress and loads, and ability to be reused, make it the perfect lock nut for demanding applications. Dual Machine manufactures both standard Klincher Locknuts, as well as custom Build-to-Print versions for the aviation and aerospace industry, where different dimensions, tolerances and/or threading is required. In these cases, Dual Machine manufactures exactly what you specify for your specific application.

For more details, study information, sizes, etc., see:

Klincher Locknuts – Performance Over the Years!

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