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High Vibration Cap Screws

The Klincher Kapscrew is a self-locking cap screw designed for demanding high vibration and high stress applications and industries. Many self-locking cap screws attempt to address these more demanding applications, but none perform as well as the Klincher Kapscrew due to its unique design. Klincher Kapscrews hold tighter in high vibration and high stress environments, because their design creates a more even load distribution throughout the cap screw, permitting greater wrench torque to be applied before exceeding the elasticity of the cap screw. There is no other product like the Klincher Kapscrew, which is why many demanding companies and industries have continued to use them since 1960. Klincher Kapscrews are commonly used in the following applications where self-locking cap screws are needed:

Klincher Kapscrews
  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Turbine Engines
  • Automotive Turbochargers
  • Military Applications
  • High Temperature Applications
  • High Vibration Applications

The Klincher Kapscrew uses a unique design that makes use of the elasticity in the cap screw by diffusing and distributing the loads more evenly throughout the holding areas of the cap screw and the head that will fatigue and break, and it resists all ranges of vibrational stress, which greatly reduces the cause and risk of fatigue failure. These characteristics are critical for high vibration and high stress applications.

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