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Dual Machine Corp. Helps Ship Owner Solve Problem

When a major offshore services company was having trouble with bolts loosening on their vessels, they contacted Dual Machine Corp. to see if we could help. Some of their vessels had equipment on the outside of the ship, below the water line, fastened with nuts and bolts. Due to the extreme conditions, including intense vibrations and stress, those nuts kept coming loose. Their solution had been to routinely send a diver into the water to tighten the nuts. This process was costly and time consuming, so the company was searching for a better and more long-term solution.

Ship in a harbor

High vibration, high stress, as well as high temperature are ideal situations for Dual Machine’s, Klincher locknut products. Klincher locknuts have been used by the aviation, shipbuilding and many other demanding industries since the 1950s. Any situation where a nut must remain securely attached in high vibration environments, is a perfect situation for the Klincher locknut. The Klincher locknut is an all metal locking device that does not use plastic inserts or thread deformation to securely attach to the bolt. Instead, it uses a unique design based on the even distribution of stress and loads. It also has the ability to be reused! Dual Machine manufactures both standard Klincher Locknuts, as well as Build-to-Print versions, where different dimensions, tolerances and/or threading is required. Learn More about Klincher Locknuts.

After discussing the problem with the owner of the ships, Dual Machine determined that Klincher locknuts, made out of 316 stainless steel due to being in sea water, would solve the problem. Custom Klincher locknuts were provided and the company’s recurring and expensive problem of loosening nuts was eliminated. This is just one of many examples of how Klincher locknuts have helped manufacturers in a diverse range of industries. Learn More about Klincher Locknuts for Shipbuilding.

For more information on applications and uses of Klincher locknuts, and how they may help solve your problem, Call 800-923-4786 or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

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